Ideas for old Christmas Linens and Fabrics

If you are like me you have lots of old Christmas towels, table cloths, napkins and other cloth items that have nostalgic value but no longer go well with your current decor or are just worn or stained from years of loving use. Have you considered creating a memory quilt with those items? Most people think of memory quilts as made of old clothing from a loved one but there are many different kinds of memory quilts. Some ideas would be to make place mats, table runners, decorative wall tapestries, or cheery holiday throw to wrap up in on a chilly night. 

If you try this send me a pic! I love seeing others creative ideas. 

Not ready to tackle a memory quilt on your own but still want one? I make all kinds of memory quilts. Contact me directly here or visit my Etsy shop Daisy May Days.

Happy Holidays Everyone!

Every Child is an Artist

I make stuffies and dolls. I have made them for many years and I usually design my own. But I’m not really here to talk about those. Instead I want to share one of my best sellers in my little makers store on Etsy.

Last year, as Christmas was approaching, I found a little drawing of an owl by my granddaughter and a cute house by my grandson.

Stuffie from childs drawing cute owl

As I looked at them it occurred to me that these little creations were perfect little designs for stuffies and an idea was born. I made the owl based on the drawing and then started offering custom services to create the same for other children. Since then I have made several stuffies designed by young artists. They are some of my favorite items to create and each one is always unique and interesting.

If you are interested in ordering a stuffie for a child just click any image.

Here is one of an awesome friendly monster with multiple legs. This one was sooo much fun to create!


Custom stuffed monster made from child's artwork
Multi-legged friendly monster

If you are interested in ordering a stuffie for a child just click any image.

I love the when I get pics with the kids in them! This little girl is sooo cute! And she drew this adorable little character.


I try to include a note for every child. Its not generic, I hand write each of them. I remember how much it meant to me to get a note or card and even more so to have my talent acknowledged.


If you are interested in ordering a stuffie for a child just click any image.

This one was from a very young child. Is this not adorable!




If you are interested in ordering a custom stuffie / stuffed animal / character for a child please visit my Etsy store.

20170310_155259customstuffiefromchildsartwork If you are interested in ordering a stuffie for a child just click any image.

Have a Daisy May Day!

Gorgeous New Summer Quilt Perfect for Country Cottage Decor

I had so much fun creating this colorful and lightweight summer quilt. I think this would be perfect with a cottage or country decor. Imagine this quilt on a shabby little daybed or reading nook! 

I tried a couple of new materials in this one and I’m very pleased with three results. First I used an organic / cotton blend I haven’t used before. It is so lightweight I was concerned it wouldn’t pucker around the quilting like I prefer. I know some people like a flat look to their quilts but I love the pucker like you see in vintage heirloom quilts. So I was pleased with how this quilt puckered when I laundered it. What do you think?

Also I used a pretty variegated thread that changes color from deep raspberry to a pale cotton candy. After I had about half the quilting complete it occurred to me I was quilting with pinks on white fabric. I was worried about color bleed onto the white fabric but … whew… the extra cost for premium thread paid off. It didn’t bleed at all!

So check out the new quilt in my Etsy shop and tell me what you think.

Welcome to my Blog

Where I share my thoughts, opinions, and experiences as I attempt to live a “make-do” life, quilting, running an arts or crafts based business, and anything else I can think of. This is just a intro page to get me started. Here are some of the subjects I already have planned. If it sounds interesting to you please follow my blog.

  • Saving money and alternatives to expensive repairs, updates and decorating when you own an older home.
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