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Ideas for old Christmas Linens and Fabrics

If you are like me you have lots of old Christmas towels, table cloths, napkins and other cloth items that have nostalgic value but no longer go well with your current decor or are just worn or stained from years of loving use. Have you considered creating a memory quilt with those items? Most people think of memory quilts as made of old clothing from a loved one but there are many different kinds of memory quilts. Some ideas would be to make place mats, table runners, decorative wall tapestries, or cheery holiday throw to wrap up in on a chilly night. 

If you try this send me a pic! I love seeing others creative ideas. 

Not ready to tackle a memory quilt on your own but still want one? I make all kinds of memory quilts. Contact me directly here or visit my Etsy shop Daisy May Days.

Happy Holidays Everyone!

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Making a doll. Meet Penelope!

Meet Penelope. 

Penelope is a prototype and I have changed the final pattern some but I decided to share her anyway. Here are a few pics of her construction.  Excuse my mess, creativity gets like that. 

Penelope is a primitive style rag doll.
Her arms were attached separately
Attaching her bodice and sleeves
Almost there!
Her hair is made of strips of scrappy fabric and hand sewn in

I hand painted her eyes and shoes and she’s all done!
If you like Penelope she is now available in my Etsy shop and the final version will be available soon. Would you be interested in buying patterns and instructions for dolls like Penelope? I’m trying to decide whether to offer the patterns. Comment below or visit my Facebook page and leave me a message. 

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My Testing Experience- Homemade Insect Spray on Ant Beds

I use natural alternatives to dangerous and environmentally harmful substances as often as possible. I have used this insect spray recipe to rid my bean plants of insects that were eating my plants in the past and it worked well. This year we had 3 huge anthills in three of our raised garden beds. We use those raised beds to grow food so it was important to me that we not use a commercial poison. So, even though I hadn’t heard of anyone using this mix for ants I thought I would give it a try. 

It worked! I only changed two things about the recipe. As a plant spray I strained the mix and used a spray bottle to apply it.  And I applied it in the evening and left it overnight. As an ant mix I did not strain the mix and I poured it directly into the anthill during the hottest time of the day. Be careful when doing this. Ants can come out of there quickly and be on you and stinging before you know it. Wear protective clothing and move away as soon as you finish pouring! Try this at your own risk! And please do not kill any creature unnecessarily, insect or not. The ants we used this on was blocking our vegetable beds and stinging us. 

Here’s the recipe:

  • 6 cloves of garlic chopped fine (fresh – don’t use powder)
  • 1 small onion
  • 1 tbsp. Natural dish soap
  • 2 tbsp cayenne pepper

Mix with 1 quart warm water and steep at least one day. The longer it sits the stronger the mix. Strain it then use a spray bottle to treat plants or pour as-is if using on anthill. For ants, make sure anthill is saturated in order to reach the bottom of the hill. 

Have a Daisy May Day!

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Weekly Country Charm Design & Decor

I am sharing this weeks wonderful design and decor images courtesy of Cristy Harder. Cristy allowed me to share her wonderful ideas she shares through her Instagram account. I hope her images inspire you to create your own country cottage or country farmhouse decor and designs! If you have images you would like to share yourself please feel free to contact me.

And as always please remember all images belong to the creator Cristy Harder and may not be used without permission.

  1. I love, love, love this gallery wall! This is the image shared by Cristy that prompted me to contact her for permission to share her ideas.
    Cristy Harder_Country Farmhouse Cottage Style Decor Group
    Image belongs to Cristy Harder. Please do not use without permission


  2. A beautiful way to display eggs. Eggs from homegrown chickens don’t necessarily have to be refrigerated like those that are store bought.
    Cristy Harder_used with permission 1
    Image belongs to Cristy Harder. Please do not use without permission.


  3. Speaking of chickens…
    Cristy Harder_used with permission 2
    Image belongs to Cristy Harder. Please do not use without permission


  4. Simply beautiful…
    Cristy Harder_used with permission 3
    Image belongs to Cristy Harder. Please do not use without permission


  5. What an awesome idea for a country party.
    Cristy Harder_used with permission 4
    Image belongs to Cristy Harder. Please do not use without permission


  6. Peaceful and gorgeous. Real spaces by real people.
    Cristy Harder_used with permission 5
    Image belongs to Cristy Harder. Please do not use without permission


  7. I want one!
    Cristy Harder_used with permission 6
    Image belongs to Cristy Harder. Please do not use without permission


Have any ideas you would like to share?

Have a Daisy May Day! And be sure to check out my store of handmade items in our store Daisy May Days on Etsy.

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Anna’s Kale Soup Recipe

You can easily adjust the ingredients in this recipe to accommodate your tastes or by the amount of an ingredient you have on hand. 

Easy, Vegan, and healthy


1 medium to large bunch organic kale

1 large sweet potato

About 4 medium red potatoes

2 cans pinto beans (Can use spicy beans if you like)

Salt to taste


Peel and cut sweet potato into chunks. In an 8 quart pot bring about 4 quarts water to boil. Boil sweet potatoes while chopping red potatoes into bite size pieces. Add red potatoes to boiling mixture. Allow potatoes to boil until done but still firm. Chop kale to large bite size pieces. Add kale to soup pot. Once kale is cooked add beans (do not drain). Continue cooking only long enough for canned beans to heat through. Season to taste.

About 4 hearty servings.