Paper Mache Jack-o-lantern

I have been attempting to make a jack-o-lantern in paper mache. It’s been quite a while since I have worked with paper mache and I’m a bit rusty. Pair that with one arm in a sling and this is the best I have been able to do so far.

I think he might just turn out to be a primitive pumpkin.

Ideas for old Christmas Linens and Fabrics

If you are like me you have lots of old Christmas towels, table cloths, napkins and other cloth items that have nostalgic value but no longer go well with your current decor or are just worn or stained from years of loving use. Have you considered creating a memory quilt with those items? Most people think of memory quilts as made of old clothing from a loved one but there are many different kinds of memory quilts. Some ideas would be to make place mats, table runners, decorative wall tapestries, or cheery holiday throw to wrap up in on a chilly night. 

If you try this send me a pic! I love seeing others creative ideas. 

Not ready to tackle a memory quilt on your own but still want one? I make all kinds of memory quilts. Contact me directly here or visit my Etsy shop Daisy May Days.

Happy Holidays Everyone!

Make-Do Curtain – Bohemian Style!

I injured my arm. And then the blind on the window overlooking my main sewing machine decided to jump off the track if I didn’t use both hands. So now the evil blind is in the trash and I made this curtain from two discarded cotton scarves. What do you think? I kind of like it.

Weekly Country Charm Design & Decor

I am sharing this weeks wonderful design and decor images courtesy of Cristy Harder. Cristy allowed me to share her wonderful ideas she shares through her Instagram account. I hope her images inspire you to create your own country cottage or country farmhouse decor and designs! If you have images you would like to share yourself please feel free to contact me.

And as always please remember all images belong to the creator Cristy Harder and may not be used without permission.

  1. I love, love, love this gallery wall! This is the image shared by Cristy that prompted me to contact her for permission to share her ideas.
    Cristy Harder_Country Farmhouse Cottage Style Decor Group
    Image belongs to Cristy Harder. Please do not use without permission


  2. A beautiful way to display eggs. Eggs from homegrown chickens don’t necessarily have to be refrigerated like those that are store bought.
    Cristy Harder_used with permission 1
    Image belongs to Cristy Harder. Please do not use without permission.


  3. Speaking of chickens…
    Cristy Harder_used with permission 2
    Image belongs to Cristy Harder. Please do not use without permission


  4. Simply beautiful…
    Cristy Harder_used with permission 3
    Image belongs to Cristy Harder. Please do not use without permission


  5. What an awesome idea for a country party.
    Cristy Harder_used with permission 4
    Image belongs to Cristy Harder. Please do not use without permission


  6. Peaceful and gorgeous. Real spaces by real people.
    Cristy Harder_used with permission 5
    Image belongs to Cristy Harder. Please do not use without permission


  7. I want one!
    Cristy Harder_used with permission 6
    Image belongs to Cristy Harder. Please do not use without permission


Have any ideas you would like to share?

Have a Daisy May Day! And be sure to check out my store of handmade items in our store Daisy May Days on Etsy.

New Folk Art In My Etsy Store

Here are a few pieces of new work I have available in my store.  I am working on adding a page to share these for those who are interested.  But until then, you can click any image to see it in my Etsy store or see more photos. Thanks for stopping by!

  1. Mr Rooster – Original Folk Art Style painting

    Mr Rooster Original Folk Art Painting
    “Mr Rooster” Original Folk Art Painting
  2.  Distressed Folk Art Birdhouse Home Decor

    Folk Art Birdhouse Daisy May Days
    Distressed Folk Art Birdhouse Home Decor, Daisy May Days
  3.  Brightly colored Folk Art Birdhouse

    Bluebirds and flowers folk art birdhouse home decor
    Bluebirds and Flowers, Folk Art Birdhouse Home Decor, Daisy May Days
  4.  Bluebirds and Sunflowers Folk art Birdhouse Home Decor
    Bluebirds and Sunflowers, Folk Art Birdhouse Home Decor, Daisy May Days

    Have a Daisy May Day!

Quick and Easy Minor Quilt Repair

Do you have a favorite quilt that is getting a little wore? Here is a quick and easy make-do way to fix small holes and imperfections in your favorite quilt.

*Please note: I do NOT recommend using this technique for heirloom quilts that are not used daily. This is intended for use on everyday quilts that are used often. Using this technique may reduce the value of an heirloom quilt. Please contact a professional if your collectible quilt needs repairs.

Supplies Needed:

1 piece Heat-n-Bond Ultrahold adhesive
1 small strip/scrap of matching fabric (find fabric as close as possible to the area of your quilt that needs repairs.

Step 1:

Cut a strip of heat and bond the width of your scrap fabric you are using to repair the quilt. I recommend using Heat-n-Bond Ultrahold (the package on the right). If you don’t mind a little hand sewing you can use the sewable type (shown on the left) but you will need to be careful to sew through only the TOP layer of your fabric. Otherwise the stitches will show on the reverse side of your quilt.
quilt repair 5

Here is an example of the strips I cut for this repair. The strip on the left is the fabric.  I used pieces from the original fabric which also contained small holes then cut around the holes.

quilt repair 3

Step 2:

Follow directions on the Heat-n-Bond Ultrahold and iron the adhesive onto the scrap fabric. Remove the paper backing and make sure your adhesive is not shiny (see directions on package).

Step 3:

Cut strip into small pieces a little larger than the hole you are repairing. I do not recommend trying to repair a hold larger than 1/2 with this method or repairing a loose or ripped seam. (I will be adding a mini tutorial on how to do that later).

quilt repair 1

Step 4:

Set the iron to the settings given in the Heat-n-Bond instructions. Iron the tiny patch onto the fabric. Allow to cool then check the edges to make sure it adhered correctly.

If you were careful picking your scrap for repairing the hole the repair will be barely noticeable. If not, you could always add interesting fabrics as patches that match your quilt. Sometimes patches can add character.

Did you like this mini make-do tutorial? Follow my blog or sign up for updates. I will be adding more quilt repair and some mini tutorials for repairing clothing with a similar technique.

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Look What I Found! Bargains for Your Home and Decor

Every week I gather things that interest me, new places to find bargains and decorating ideas. I have, for years, kept a journal of these little snippets of information. So it occurred to me others might find these random treasures interesting and helpful. So starting this week I will start sharing these with you. I hope you enjoy them. 

1. This gorgeous vanity was shared by a very nice lady in one of my country and cottage decorating groups. I really love this ladies style and asked her for permission to share it with you. It certainly gives me an idea or two for decorating my bathroom. 

Used with permission. All Rights Reserved.

2. Earlier in the week I found this little consignment store. They call themselves a flea market but they are the nearest one I have found. There is a lot of interesting stuff to be found here and most would fit into a country cottage decor, which is my current obsession. If you are local you really should stop by and check them out. If not, they have pics on Facebook. You can find them at

3. My rose bloomed! Ok, so maybe I am more excited than you about this one but isn’t it gorgeous? And there’s another bud so I should have more blooms soon. 

Photo by Benita Sweeney. Feel free to use it. I give you permission.
Photo by Benita Sweeney. Free to use.

4. And lastly, I added several items to my Etsy store Daisy May Days. Just click on a pic to check them out. 

Cottage Garden – Summer Quilt
Elegant Carnival / Masquerade Mask

And coming soon…

Coffee Break – Original Watercolor

Have a great weekend!