Paper Mache Jack-o-lantern

I have been attempting to make a jack-o-lantern in paper mache. It’s been quite a while since I have worked with paper mache and I’m a bit rusty. Pair that with one arm in a sling and this is the best I have been able to do so far.

I think he might just turn out to be a primitive pumpkin.

Adventures in crafting with one arm

I had rotator cuff surgery several weeks ago. Let me tell you… the creativity came to a screeching halt! But now I’m starting to slowly feel more like myself. Notice I said slowly.

But anyway… I have managed about an hour a day this week at my studio. But I still can’t sew (or type with two hands. All of a sudden blogging from my phone isn’t such a drag). So instead I have been painting. It’s still not the easiest thing with one arm but its doable.

I have started with….


Yeah. Pretty boring stuff. But hey its gonna get better. These are actually just the start of some snowmen ornaments, a halloween themed nesting doll, and a bird I’m still not sure what to do with yet.

The gesso is almost dry. Stay tuned for more to come.

And I have now decorated my overly expensive sling. Ok so I didn’t actually mean to but the paint spots aren’t coming out.


Thrifty Craft – Vintage Sewing Patterns

I am always finding great vintage and previously owned craft supplies in addition to having leftover pieces myself. I have a special addiction to sewing patterns so I usually pick up a lot of them. Here is my latest addition to the Thrifty Craft store (Follow Thrifty Craft on Facebook and find a few treasures for yourself!)

Vintage Butterick Wrap and Go Halter Tops Pattern


Ideas for old Christmas Linens and Fabrics

If you are like me you have lots of old Christmas towels, table cloths, napkins and other cloth items that have nostalgic value but no longer go well with your current decor or are just worn or stained from years of loving use. Have you considered creating a memory quilt with those items? Most people think of memory quilts as made of old clothing from a loved one but there are many different kinds of memory quilts. Some ideas would be to make place mats, table runners, decorative wall tapestries, or cheery holiday throw to wrap up in on a chilly night. 

If you try this send me a pic! I love seeing others creative ideas. 

Not ready to tackle a memory quilt on your own but still want one? I make all kinds of memory quilts. Contact me directly here or visit my Etsy shop Daisy May Days.

Happy Holidays Everyone!