Sketch Copyright 2015 Terri Shows. Used with permission.

I grew up in a make-do kind of way and it is how I live my everyday life. I am really not a big fan of consumerism and I prefer a simpler life.  It has the added benefit of having smaller “footprint” and even some survivalist skills. I recently I came to realize I have quite a bit of information to share from my experiences so that’s what I intend to do here.

I live in a perfect area for me. Its rural but not too terribly far from a city. For all its flaws the south has its benefits also. I am lucky enough to have a tiny cottage studio where I make quilts, sew, paint and do a little accounting, tax and bookkeeping work for small businesses. And to make it even better I work with several artists and craft based businesses.

I sell my quilts and handmade goods on Etsy so you are likely to find quite a few links to that. If you are interested I am always appreciative of feedback and orders so check out my store. That’s not all this blog is about though so if you aren’t looking to buy anything feel free to follow my blog and if you want to participate, comments are welcome. Just keep them kind please.

So why the name Daisy May Days?

Daisy May
Meet Daisy May

Well Daisy May is my little Jack Russell. She saved my life. Maybe I will share that story at some point in the blog. Guess you will just have to follow it if you are interested in that sort of thing. 😉