Adventures in crafting with one arm

I had rotator cuff surgery several weeks ago. Let me tell you… the creativity came to a screeching halt! But now I’m starting to slowly feel more like myself. Notice I said slowly.

But anyway… I have managed about an hour a day this week at my studio. But I still can’t sew (or type with two hands. All of a sudden blogging from my phone isn’t such a drag). So instead I have been painting. It’s still not the easiest thing with one arm but its doable.

I have started with….


Yeah. Pretty boring stuff. But hey its gonna get better. These are actually just the start of some snowmen ornaments, a halloween themed nesting doll, and a bird I’m still not sure what to do with yet.

The gesso is almost dry. Stay tuned for more to come.

And I have now decorated my overly expensive sling. Ok so I didn’t actually mean to but the paint spots aren’t coming out.


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