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Look What I Found! Bargains for Your Home and Decor

Every week I gather things that interest me, new places to find bargains and decorating ideas. I have, for years, kept a journal of these little snippets of information. So it occurred to me others might find these random treasures interesting and helpful. So starting this week I will start sharing these with you. I hope you enjoy them. 

1. This gorgeous vanity was shared by a very nice lady in one of my country and cottage decorating groups. I really love this ladies style and asked her for permission to share it with you. It certainly gives me an idea or two for decorating my bathroom. 

Used with permission. All Rights Reserved.

2. Earlier in the week I found this little consignment store. They call themselves a flea market but they are the nearest one I have found. There is a lot of interesting stuff to be found here and most would fit into a country cottage decor, which is my current obsession. If you are local you really should stop by and check them out. If not, they have pics on Facebook. You can find them at

3. My rose bloomed! Ok, so maybe I am more excited than you about this one but isn’t it gorgeous? And there’s another bud so I should have more blooms soon. 

Photo by Benita Sweeney. Feel free to use it. I give you permission.
Photo by Benita Sweeney. Free to use.

4. And lastly, I added several items to my Etsy store Daisy May Days. Just click on a pic to check them out. 

Cottage Garden – Summer Quilt
Elegant Carnival / Masquerade Mask

And coming soon…

Coffee Break – Original Watercolor

Have a great weekend! 

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