Gorgeous New Summer Quilt Perfect for Country Cottage Decor

I had so much fun creating this colorful and lightweight summer quilt. I think this would be perfect with a cottage or country decor. Imagine this quilt on a shabby little daybed or reading nook! 

I tried a couple of new materials in this one and I’m very pleased with three results. First I used an organic / cotton blend I haven’t used before. It is so lightweight I was concerned it wouldn’t pucker around the quilting like I prefer. I know some people like a flat look to their quilts but I love the pucker like you see in vintage heirloom quilts. So I was pleased with how this quilt puckered when I laundered it. What do you think?

Also I used a pretty variegated thread that changes color from deep raspberry to a pale cotton candy. After I had about half the quilting complete it occurred to me I was quilting with pinks on white fabric. I was worried about color bleed onto the white fabric but … whew… the extra cost for premium thread paid off. It didn’t bleed at all!

So check out the new quilt in my Etsy shop and tell me what you think.  https://www.etsy.com/listing/519053968/cottage-garden-summer-quilt-throw-size

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